About Us

Masson Inc. Specializes in custom manufacturing, assembly and prototyping.
We can take and Idea from concept to a professionally manufactured product.
We have developed a wide range of product for a large customer base, including:

Our resources included:
Die cutting
Shear cutting
Laser cutting
Water jet cutting
XY blade cutting
Ultrasonic welding
High frequency or RF welding

A little history:
Masson Inc. was established in 1908 as the M. Ross Masson Co.
As the legend goes, the company was started by M. Ross Masson as a leather cutting company. M. Ross Masson was succeeded by his son James Edward Masson until he passed away suddenly. James’s wife Pauline took over leadership of the company until she retired in 1979. Masson assets were purchased in 1978 by the owners of Marian Inc. The company was then moved, updated and the product line was expanded into narrow fabric and webbing assembly. Masson has since expanded into RF welding, vacuum forming, die cutting and extrusion.
In 2015, Masson Inc. acquired the Hoosier Badge printing company. The acquisition of the printing company extends Masson’s ability to add the values of quality screen printing, sublimation printing, sublimation transfer and engraving to the products we produce for our customers. Masson Inc. is committed to ongoing improvements and expanding its capabilities.



M Ross Satchel

Cargo Straps

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